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Experience the power of your Superconscious mind in a FREE group INTRO session. Clear the emotional charge attached to one memory. Train your brain to befriend your Superconscious mind. Rewire for positivity!

No need to share with the group. Your experience is your own, inside of you, directed with love by me.


One to One

INTRO Package

Experience the power of your Superconscious mind in private individual sessions. This package includes: 

* Private INTRO session

*30 Min Discovery call

*Private FULL MAP session


Uncover your HEART and find your VOICE package

***Are you ready to connect to more joy and love and ease than you have ever felt before?

***Are you ready to put on your sparkle suit and shine? ***Are you ready to uncover your heart and connect with your authentic self? 

***Are you ready to uncover your voice and speak your truth?

This package includes all 1:1 online sessions. 

*Discovery call

*INTRO session

*5 FULL 1:1 MAP sessions

*HEART-FUL moment recordings

*Personal Magnetization recording

Release Your PAST.... LOVE your Present.... Create your Future



Learn quick, effective, and proven strategies to rewire your brain for positivity, confidence, calm, joy, ease and love. 

Designed for busy women who are done with making time for classes, therapy, or lengthy practices that are not giving them the results they are looking for.

For women who are tired of living in negativity, in reaction mode, in survival and stress mode.

For women who don't want to talk about their problems and difficult experiences again and again however who are ready to heal the roots of their issues and release the past.

 For women who are ready to connect with their hearts, to realize their life's purpose, to find their voice, their confidence, their power and potential and to finally love life no matter what! 

Stop looking outside yourself to feel better. 

Know and care for yourself like never before and connect to the limitless love and joy available to you at all times.

Enjoy the ripples of positivity in your relationships, your work, your health, your parenting, and your finances too!

The Superconscious Super-You membership is like going to the gym for your MIND & HEART  & SPIRIT



*Amazing live weekly group MAP session that will leave you feeling lighter and brighter

*Powerful magnetization to manifestation practices, goal setting and alignment, and coaching sessions 

*Recorded sessions to practice on your schedule

*MAP on the GO to effectively manage daily life with ease

*Group support and chat when you need it

*Bespoke content designed for your needs

Superconscious Solution

Neutralize past memories and create a life you love 


Copy of MAPwithMichelle (3).png

 MAP Transformation Coaching 

  • Do you feel stuck? Do you have habits that you would like to change?

  • Are you anxious? Depressed? Sad? Angry?

  • How do you treat yourself? Are you kind and compassionate to others but not to yourself? 

  • Have you worked hard and achieved many goals but remain unhappy, dissatisfied, angry, sad or resentful? 

  • Have you tried therapy or counselling and still did not feel better or make the changes you wanted?

  • Are you ready to transform your life? To create a life of health and happiness? To love yourself? To BE yourself?

What are you waiting for?


BOOK a FREE 30 min Discovery Call or Individual MAP sessions

Mika, California

Michelle is an amazing facilitator. I felt very comfortable being led by her and the entire experience was very pleasing. Her warm personality put me at ease the moment I met her, and I felt I worked through a good chunk of blocks in just one session.

Sarah B., Canada

I was surprised how easy it was to participate in the MAP sessions and how quickly we were able to get to the root of my issue.  Michelle was able to guide my mind to the areas that were stuck and then gently help me release those stuck thoughts.  Unlike therapy, where you have to do so much reflection and thinking, this is far more passive and it's like the experience happens naturally and without effort.  Thank you Michelle for providing a safe place to allow my subconscious to find more peace.

Annabelle F., Canada

I was experiencing anxiety surrounding throwing up that was affecting my daily life. I would feel panicked whenever I was in a situation where anyone would be prone to throwing up (around people who were anxious, drinking, or sick), when I felt sick myself, or when I was in a situation that could make me throw up (drinking, eating a weird food, etc.). The only thing I was worried about was that it wouldn't work, which didn't actually create that much stress for me. MAP therapy was unlike anything I'd experienced before. I always felt very calm and safe, and would just let my brain react the way it wanted to. I didn't ever feel too much anxiety when I had to think about the triggering event, but definitely did experience some. However, I always felt safe and that nothing could harm me. I experienced immediate positive effects from the MAP therapy. I barely felt any anxiety surrounding throwing up for a while and felt more confident in myself. Yes, I would recommend it.


Superconscious Solution

Let's connect 


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 Superconscious Solution with the MAP method

RELEASE your past: Everything that has happened to us is recorded in our mind and body and is used for reference in our present life. Events from the past are influencing your present and your future often without your awareness. The Superconscious can gently and effectively recode the associations to the memories, so you keep your memories, but change the reference point to neutral. The past becomes a neutral memory. 

LOVE your Present: You are able to connect with mindful loving awareness to the present moment in a new more neutral and positive way without the past distorting the picture. You are able to relate to your thoughts and emotions more effectively and have the Superconscious as an ally to deal with life's challenges. You experience more clarity, joy, freedom, optimism, and love for yourself and others.

CREATE Your Future: Without the weight of the past, you are now able to connect with what you really want and become aligned to achieving your goals with ease. Your heart's desires become a reality. Possibilities, opportunities, and limitless abundance is realized.

Love Your Life NOW
with the 

Michelle McEwan

MAP Transformation Coach

250 532 6052

Sessions are online and confidential

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Michelle McEwan 

MAP Transformation Coach

I used to ask people what would they change in their life if they had a magic wand. Then I found the MAP Method and the Superconscious, a magic wand within all of us. MAP does Make Anything Possible!

*****Superconscious Solution******

My life's work as a mental health professional for over 20 years has been dedicated to helping people live their best lives despite the often disabling symptoms of their mental health conditions. Healing through relationship, finding purpose, enjoying meaningful activities, connecting with nature, and practicing self-compassion have been the tools in my work with people for over 20 years.

Learning the MAP method has launched my work to a new level and I am so excited to share it with everyone!!!!!

Accessing the power of the Superconscious with the MAP method allows people to transform the root cause of their challenges. The Superconscious Solution will help you to permanently rewire your internal landscape of beliefs, emotions, and physical sensations to create freedom and limitless potential. You CAN get unstuck, change your habits, feel better, be happy, be healthy, and love your life.

****Superconscious Solution *****

Release from the past, love your present, and create the future of your dreams. 

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