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What if...
You had less ANXIETY, emotional pain, and physical pain? 

What if...
You had more CALM, clarity, vitality, and freedom?


Radical MIND-BODY WELLNESS is possible with Superconscious rewiring for HEALTH and HAPPINESS

I KNOW this is possible for YOU 

You don't have to believe me...yet...

All you need is curiosity and a desire to SHIFT ❤️ 

Superconscious SHIFT sessions...intuitive brain rewiring & energetic healing ❤️

What SHIFT do you want in your life?

What are you ready to release?

What emotional pattern do you want to SHIFT?

anxiety, grief, depression, anger, resentment, insecurity, self criticism, imposter syndrome...

What mind-body issue do you want to SHIFT? 

chronic pain, TMS, long-covid, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS...

What behavior would you like to SHIFT? 

Addiction, procrastination, anger, people pleasing, boundary setting, assertiveness...

What triggers would you like to be free from?

People, noise, criticism, fears, phobias...


Your Superconscious mind will gently and effectively release and rewire your mind-body-heart-spirit to SHIFT your whole system at every level!

What do you want to create more of in your life? 

Freedom, possibility, joy, love, vitality, peace, calm, presence, self compassion


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Michelle standing on a bridge

Michelle McEwan 

Mind & Body & Heart Wellness Coach

I used to ask people what would they change in their life if they had a magic wand. Then I learned about  the Superconscious Mind, a magic wand within all of us! 

*****Superconscious Solution******

My life's work as a mental health occupational therapist for over 20 years has been dedicated to helping people live their best lives despite the often disabling symptoms of their mental health conditions. 

My personal healing journey towards creating a life of joy, love, vitality and conscious awareness has taken me through layers of trauma, people pleasing, insecurities and physical and emotional pain. Mindfulness and self compassion has been really helpful, but learning to heal with my superconscious mind has been MAGICAL and TRANSFORMATIVE!

The power of the superconscious mind allows people to release and HEAL the root cause of their emotional and physical suffering and then rewire their mind-body-spirit to create more of what they do WANT . The Superconscious Solution will help you to permanently rewire your internal landscape of beliefs, emotions, and physical sensations to create freedom and limitless potential.

I am experiencing more JOY and LOVE and FREEDOM and VITALITY than I ever thought possible. 

This is possible for you TOO!


You CAN get unstuck, change your habits, feel better, be happy, be healthy, and love your life.

You CAN release from trauma, emotional and physical pain. 


Heal your SH*T and SHIFT UP!!!!!

Book a free Curiosity Call today

Our Hearts are here to LOVE and BE HAPPY!


Join us in the private Facebook group where we experience free SHIFT UP sessions every week!

I do intuitive HEART wisdom readings where you can receive guidance and clarity from your heart space.

AND we MAGNETIZE our desires, making them ALIVE and REAL! xo

Release what is holding you back, limiting you, stressing you, frustrating you, overwhelming you!

Step into possibility, opportunity, creativity, calm, harmony, potent power of authenically you!


Julia, USA

Mika, California

Michelle is an amazing facilitator. I felt very comfortable being led by her and the entire experience was very pleasing. Her warm personality put me at ease the moment I met her, and I felt I worked through a good chunk of blocks in just one session.

Sarah B., Canada

I was surprised how easy it was to participate in the MAP sessions and how quickly we were able to get to the root of my issue.  Michelle was able to guide my mind to the areas that were stuck and then gently help me release those stuck thoughts.  Unlike therapy, where you have to do so much reflection and thinking, this is far more passive and it's like the experience happens naturally and without effort.  Thank you Michelle for providing a safe place to allow my subconscious to find more peace.

Annabelle F., Canada

I was experiencing anxiety surrounding throwing up that was affecting my daily life. I would feel panicked whenever I was in a situation where anyone would be prone to throwing up (around people who were anxious, drinking, or sick), when I felt sick myself, or when I was in a situation that could make me throw up (drinking, eating a weird food, etc.). The only thing I was worried about was that it wouldn't work, which didn't actually create that much stress for me. MAP therapy was unlike anything I'd experienced before. I always felt very calm and safe, and would just let my brain react the way it wanted to. I didn't ever feel too much anxiety when I had to think about the triggering event, but definitely did experience some. However, I always felt safe and that nothing could harm me. I experienced immediate positive effects from the MAP therapy. I barely felt any anxiety surrounding throwing up for a while and felt more confident in myself. Yes, I would recommend it. Thanks

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